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The segway to the “What the Food?” Documentary

“What the Food?” a docu-series. The first film in the series will focus on the recovery and addiction community in Prescott and Sedona, AZ. Future films in the series will focus on other diseases that show vast improvements when treated with real nutrition, including neurological diseases, diabetes, cancer, and more. We are already getting support from a myriad of sources in the recovery and addiction field, as well as health and nutrition in other medical modalities. With the current epidemic of opioid abuse in the US, this is a timely subject and film. We hope that this film will lend credence to the idea that nutritious non-toxic whole foods can help addicts stay in recovery.

“WTF: What the Food?” is a feature-length documentary that follows participants in recovery who are interested in using organic food to help heal the physical, mental and emotional trauma that addiction has caused in their bodies. We will provide study participants with organic food and supplements and track their progress over a three-month study. The participants only requirements are to give up ALL processed and genetically modified foods and report for regular check-ins. Our specialists will administer labs before and after this study and our film crew will document the results.  

Everyone on our expert team is excited to tell this story of broken vows (“in sickness and in wealth”) and how eating processed and genetically modified foods can and does lead to addiction—not just drug addiction. I have already shared much of this story in my book, but our film will show what can actually happen when our bodies stop trying to exist on processed foods, and have a real chance of regaining health through nutrition.

Everyone on the What the Food? team is passionate about being the change they want to see in their communities. Some of them are volunteering their services for this monumental endeavor. We have food costs, filming costs, lab cost and legal costs so we need to raise $350,000 to make this change a reality!


What The Food Productions, LLC is a 501C3 non profit organization