About Karen & Testimonials

Karen has been practicing yoga for over 30 years and teaching yoga for over 11 years. As a long time practitioner, she integrates what she has learned about doing yoga right AND wrong into teaching students safety and alignment with the principles of lyengar training. She teaches with compassion, attention to safety, and a genuine interest in helping you to be your healthiest.

Karen helps her HeartMath clients to engage the power of their hearts to generate and sustain feelings of appreciation, increasing their own well-being, accelerating a connection with their hearts. Appreciating ourselves and others helps restore the color to our black-and-white perception of life.

Client testimonial for Karen:

I’ve spent the better part of my life striving to succeed. I’ve read hundreds of personal development books, I’ve taken many development courses and I focused on my tenacity, intelligence and intuition to build a life that I was proud of.  

So I was quite shocked at 60, when I realized that I was physically and mentally exhausted, dispassionate, couldn’t sleep well, on the verge of divorce and I was nearly 80 pounds overweight. How had I allowed this to happen?

Every area of my life was depleted and unhealthy. In my all-encompassing quest to prove to myself and others that I was worthy of (fill in the blank), I had badly neglected my physical, emotional and spiritual health.

So I quit my career and dedicated my time to teaching myself how to diet, exercise and improve my relationships. But, two years in I had barely moved the needle. I discovered, knowing what to do doesn’t work if you can’t or won’t do it consistently.

Overwhelmed and disheartened, I realized I needed help in areas that I couldn’t pinpoint on my own. So I began looking for a health coach who could provide structured learning with strong expectations for me taking action. Someone who would work with me in moving forward in my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual goals.

Enter Karen vanBarneveld – part strategist, part thought provoker, and part cheerleader! She asks the right questions, provides the right level of feedback, and yet puts you in the driver seat, supporting you on your health journey with motivation, empowerment and candor.

I thought we would begin with a food and exercise plan that would be the one that I would finally follow. But Karen is wiser than me. So instead, we began by looking at what was working in my life, what new passions I want, what my life’s goals are and what my goals were for our work together.

Karen can repackage your own, sometimes confusing, thoughts in a way that adds meaningful direction. We determined how to utilize my strengths to build up the areas that I had grossly neglected.

Her sincerity in serving others is the real deal. Karen’s values-centered guidance challenged me to see that I had never really internalized that the quality of my life and my relationships with others has everything to do with the quality of my relationship with myself. And at the point that we met, that key relationship was essentially non-existent.

I had always lived my life running full out and in forward motion. I was rarely present and didn’t allow time for restoration. My husband says I was living each day trying to stuff 10 pounds of sugar in a 5 pound bag.

Karen helped me realize that my lifelong battle with procrastination wasn’t a character flaw, it was my body, mind and spirit crying out for space to reflect, learn and file away the daily, weekly and monthly learnings and activities.

Not only is Karen an amazing coach, but also a caring mentor. The strategies and lessons she is providing inspires and motivates me to live a life in congruency with my values and passions. My values now include having more grace with myself and others. Which for me, shows up as more patience for and less judgment of myself and others. My values also include designing a life of contribution and service beginning with serving me. And most of all, building self-trust so I know I can count on me to uphold my value through consistent self-care.

Karen has been invaluable in helping me let go of the shame, grief and embarrassment that greatly contributes to me letting myself down through self-neglect. Through her coaching in HeartMath, Yoga and breath work we are establishing my lifelong physical practice and spiritual engagement with my body, heart and soul. We are re-igniting my resilience to go from depletion to renewal.

I’m delighted to share that my husband appreciates my calmer demeanor and greater demonstrations of compassion, presence and loving support. Even in the stressful days of Covid-19 we are successfully navigating emotions with each other. No longer in reaction mode, but caring and listening to each other. Divorce is off the table forever!

I’m very grateful to be working with Karen and especially during the challenging period of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Karen continually displays her compassionate and caring nature accompanied by her commitment and high level of integrity; all traits ideal for a coach. I am forever grateful for the new peace, energy and life path that working with Karen is bringing to my life.

Sherry Hogan English

Certified High Performance Coach

You and Heavenlyoga have given me a new awareness to my surroundings, my body and its capabilities and my mind, giving me a peace I have never known. Thank you so much! Marlene, 2019

You’re a whole lot of thoughtful and I’m a whole lot of grateful. I want to thank you for your kind spirit. I found you just when I needed you. Kimberly, 2019

Karen is a very knowledgeable person and a good listener. She explains why we need to do the poses correctly so we don’t get hurt. She makes sure we enjoy the class and we are in alignment. Gloria, 2019